The property industry has a vital role in delivering the economic growth and social improvement that the UK needs.

Urban regeneration is a powerful tool for social improvement. By improving physical surroundings, with well-designed buildings and social spaces, the lives of residents are also improved. Everyone in the UK benefits when our local towns receive the investment and high-quality design-led thinking that they deserve. When executed well, regeneration revitalises run-down areas and creates vibrant spaces that people want to live and work in.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Regeneration & Development has been established in order to spread the benefits of regeneration more widely, and enable every town and city to share in the economic and social rewards of regeneration, development, and urban renewal. We want to see local and national government learning from the UK’s many success stories of regeneration, and responding more quickly to problems, involving regeneration stakeholders at an earlier stage, showing creativity in regards to the mixing of residential and commercial property, and demonstrating an understanding of the modern design and place-making principles. Regeneration has much greater potential that is currently being utilised to provide communities with self-amplifying economic development by putting modern design principles into practice and by creating mixed-use developments, blending housing, and employment. We need a more coherent national strategy for regeneration to replace the current piecemeal approach. The UK is a leader in property investment, construction, and design but our towns and cities are missing out on many opportunities for investment because of a bureaucratic, cautious, and adversarial planning process. This APPG will promote the commercial property industry within Government and showcase regeneration success-stories.

The crisis caused by COVID-19 has deep implications for the UK property market. Mass social distancing has changed the way we live and work. The prolonged period of changed working patterns is already provoking a rethink about the way our cities and towns are designed, and their place in our lives. The commercial property industry is highly vulnerable to social change, fluctuations in business confidence, and adjustments of government policy. The APPG aims to forge closer relations between the industry and government so that government is closer to the reality of the industry, aware of the value it delivers, but also the vulnerabilities which it suffers from.

Residential property has finally broken free of the public vs. private political dogma that caused so many policy reversals and is now getting the cross-party political attention that the sector deserves. Commercial property, unfortunately, lags far behind.  Our economy depends on the offices, factories, shops and leisure facilities which the sector provides. The sector generates considerable national wealth from its own activity, but more importantly, the sector is the principal enabler of all other activity, by providing the buildings and infrastructure for all economic sectors. Despite this central role, the sector does not receive anything like the same political attention as residential property. The public profile of the sector is weak, it suffers from being a fragmented and complex industry with a divided voice and its political footprint is inadequate for the challenges which the sector faces.

The APPG is bringing together a cross-party group of MPs who share a passion for unlocking investment in cities and towns throughout the UK. The APPG programme connects these parliamentarians with a network of experts and representatives of industry and civil society. A programme of activity during the political year helps to provide Parliamentarians with the counsel they need to provide thought leadership in this field.

Gagan Mohindra MP

Chair of All-Party Parliamentary Group for Regeneration & Development

Members and Officers of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Regeneration & Development

All officers were elected at the inaugural meeting held 22nd February 2021. 

Gagan Mohindra MP

Yasmin Qureshi MP

Felicity Buchan MP

Ben Everitt MP

Shaun Bailey MP
Bob Blackman MP
Paul Bristow MP
Peter Gibson MP
Jane Hunt MP
Ranil Jayawardena MP
Mark Logan MP
Marco Longhi MP
Damian Moore MP
James Sunderland MP
Martin Vickers MP
Christian Wakeford MP


We rely on the public-spirit of our sponsors to help deliver our programme of publicity, research and events. These organisations represent the cutting edge of regeneration and development. They support us because they share our vision of regeneration as a powerful tool for social improvement.


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